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This causes other problems e.g. black people migrating away from the equator, resulting in lower serum 25(OH)D, resulting in higher RR for diabetes, cancer, CHD etc, or white people migrating nearer to the equator, resulting in a higher RR for skin cancers.A person from a race with no writing and no wheel and a person from a race that put a man on the moon.Anon coins—cryptocurrencies designed for extreme anonymity—are traditionally thought of as the domain of the dark web, meant for buying illegal goods and services.Our species separated into two parts 50, 60, or 70 thousand years ago, depending on which paleoanthropologist you ask.A few hours later bitspend got back with me and gave me an invoice with a bitcoin payment link.ISIS has been held back by the Syrian Army from taking Palmyra, a priceless archaeological site in the Middle East.What would be a good idea would be if American citizens could sell their citizenship status to an immigrant (ie: renounce their American citizenship in exchange for a fee paid by a new immigrant).

Survival in Nordic regions is different than equatorial Africa.According to the USDA, in a report titled Household Food Security in the United States in 2011, black and Hispanic families are more than twice as likely to experience food insecurity as white families (p. 11).Just as drag queens do not dramatically alter our ability to identify gender for EVERY OTHER PERSON, mixed race people do not affect our ability to identify the racial heritage of almost everyone we meet on a day to day basis.

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Ireland with any past or future government except for led by David McWilliams.Earlier today I tried buying Bitcoins on the Bitcoin Machine on Dogs.Find this Pin and more on berries,cherries and fruits by mbiz1230.Keep it alive and well by coming along to The Dogs Bollix to see a mix of pro and up and coming comedians perform new material.They are way more cool about their silly beliefs in my now significant experience.Some days I just like walking my dogs and striking up conversations with the Mexicans doing any number of things, from replacing gas lines going into a house yesterday to blowing leaves (they always shut down when I get close) to trimming trees to doing construction additions on a house.Richard, maybe your fiery temper has to do with your Hispanic heritage.

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The crux of this whole matter is that humans are individuals and just like the presumption of innocence in jurisprudence, individuals ought to be presumed competent to lead a normal, happy, contributive social life until deeds prove otherwise.The lack of imagination from the student groups at Harvard is troubling, but hardly surprising.The argument is over genetics, I,e, brown skins being inferior intellectually.

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Trying to justify playing this song all-year around, I have a soft spot for it.This person lives near the Arctic Circle (or her ancestors did) way up on top of the planet.

What exists are averages that are associated with races, and those averages turn on the social milieu (many facets there, such as parental upbringing, family unit, culture, etc.), and as JB pointed out, nutrition as well.If your post contains audio, then you should use this post format.Search for:. barries dog nurse bad ems or bex burned as logs. bollix up 2 bells are ringing.

But hey what do you know there ARE differences in IQ between men and women.But, I am still waiting to see how skin color or—whoa, bone structure and kinky hair—CAUSES low intelligence.Look, I knew when I started this and where I was going to take it that people would lie their asses off and backtrack.

And finally, why do Latin Americans and Africans have crappy parents and screwed up governments (and therefore malnutrition).

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If not, then why presume a priori that the contribution of genes is negligible.Rather, the melanin is indicative of divergence of prior generational environment, with attendant differing evolution.Your rhetorical argument against race-iq differences are that hey do you think there are IQ differences between men and women.

I think the breakdown between race and IQ is legit, but pretty meaningless because it describes groups.Only 100% unanimous votes result in anything (nobody is being forced).In particular, when Africans live in America, do they have a higher tendency than others to be deficient in vitamin D.

Their growling stomachs depend upon it which is something almost no westerner has ever experienced in a whole lifetime.

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So this capacity for development is equal rate for all people.

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No, the differences between races consist of more than just skin color.

His assertion is that potential immigrants should have their suitability determined based on some standard about THEMSELVES.As you might expect, IQ variance across the Hispanic population is very high because of this heterogeneity.Page 3 of 5 - Scottish translator - posted in Discussion: This could be really handy for me.